Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why only a web content management system?

When selecting a system to control their website, CIO's are often tempted to invest into corporate-wide enterprise solutions. These solutions promise to solve many of the corporate IT-problems with a single centralized silver bullet system. However, as James Robertson points out, the projects where these solutions are selected, implemented and deployed often fail miserably, taking too long and when if they ever achieve normal use, the world has changed and the system no longer satisfies the demands of Web x.0.

My reaction to reading this well-pointed-out-and-written post is that CIO's should think very carefully before going into such immense projects. Until technology has matured further (and IT doesn't matter), perhaps it is better to leave your web content management to a system which is made for the job.

Again, the term Agile Management comes to mind.