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Always use git-svn with --prefix

TLDR: I've recently been forced back into using git-svn, and while I was at it, I noticed that git-svn generally behaves a lot better when it is initialized using the --prefix option. Frankly, I can't see any reason why you would ever want to use git-svn without --prefix.  It even added some major simplifications to my old git-svn mirror setup . Update : Some of the advantages of this solution will disappear in newer versions of Git . For example, make a standard-layout svn clone: $ git svn clone -s You'll get this .git/config : [svn-remote "svn"]         url =         fetch = project-foo/trunk:refs/remotes/trunk         branches = project-foo/branches/*:refs/remotes/*         tags = project-foo/tags/*:refs/remotes/tags/* And the remote branches looks like this (git branch -a):     remotes/trunk     remotes/feat-bar (Compared to regular remote branches, they look very