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Git-SVN Mirror for multiple branches

This post is part of a series on Git and Subversion. To see all the related posts, screencasts and other resources, please click here

This extends the posts where I explained how to set up a git-svn mirror for a single directory.

NOTE: If you just want to use Git against a SVN repo on your own, stop reading ,now, and stick to the git-svn basics. However, if you want a setup where you can share a Git repository with colleagues and friends while still interfacing with Subversion, keep reading.

I'll show how to set up a git-svn mirror for a standard Subversion project with trunk, branches and tags. It's a bit like the single directory mirror, but in order to keep all branches in sync, it's a bit more fiddling. The good part is that this setup enables us to cherry-pick commits from one branch to the other. This is slightly smoother than using svn merge.

First of all, let's repeat how our Subversion and Git-repositories look physically (roughly the same as in previous pos…

Repeating Agile in a Year at CologneJUG next week

Next Monday I'm doing the Agile in a Year talk for the Java User Group in Cologne (JUGCologne).

Unfortunately, the the Xing event is already booked out, but for those who'll miss out, there's always the video recording of the last time I did the talk at FrOSCon.

Oliver Gierke will be presenting Hades afterwards. Should be good stuff. He held a great presentation right after me at GearConf. His topic (Eclipse Mylyn) was more soft, while mine was very techy. This time we've switched around :)