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Existing WCMS-es

This is a from an internal discussion at work.. Jahia seems nice on the demo, but they are quite outdated on the open source part (using old stuff like struts and ant, no JSR-170). Same thing goes for the very popular Liferay. Swedish SiteVision is also good, but Objectware have alread got the under their hood. Magnolia as well, but the (like us) are based on persisting the content with Jackrabbit, and at this point there is no DBMS support there (though this is right around the corner). Magnolia's developers, the commercial company Obinary, are offering their customers an other JSR-170 compliant repository: CRX from Day. I suspect that the CRX is heavily based on Jackrabbit, since the Day developers are the core of the Jackrabbit crew. Here's an incomplete overview: Company Open Source produt Commercial product ------------------------------------------------------------- Obinary Magnolia Compass Day Jackrabbit CRX S

Some notes from work..

Some thoughts from the early planning at P... Clarification on the component model We need to define the components with all their properties, relations and functions. Perhaps some patterns from the JSF model can be used. How is Content stored in the repository? Same way as in View? Should we seperate the Content-objects from Areas until they are published? This is related to workflow and document process routines, I guess. Note that it is important to maintain a modifiable workflow in the tools. Some smaller business will require a 1-step towards publishing an article, larger enterprises will need an x-step process involving collaboration from several stakeholders (author, publisher, editor). Area is a meta-wrapper for content which describes how the Content will appear live (online). Different sorts of Areas include Site, Page, Frame, Category, and so on. Literally all sorts of seperating folders that show up in the site map. Traditionally, an object in a CMS (an article) i


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