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Getting More Agile - 2009 in Review

One of the reason I like blogging is that writing forces me to gather insights on what I do. It's kind of like a personal retrospective . In my current situation, I'm now at a bit of a stand-still, where we (our team at work) have achieved what we set out to do last year, and now we are a bit unsure on what to do next. So, before we move on to have a look at our future goals, let's do a little year-in-review, 2009: I started working at IP Labs in the beginning of the year . Part of my role in the team was to do some agile coaching. Why did they need this? I think they were feeling some frustrations which are typical for growing teams. They come from a situation where they were small enough to master chaos, but over time, as the code-base and team grows, they need some protocols, rituals and routines to help them keep on top of the mud . In short, agile practices . There were times where I got really frustrated because things were moving to slow, and the team did not adopt s