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Presenting at FrOSCon

Next month I'll be presenting my  Agile in a Year  talk at FrOSCon , a local university-driven conference about open source and related topics. At the moment I'm mashing together the slides (well, strictly speaking I'm not going to use slides) that have to be done by Sunday, so I'll keep this short. I'll be talking about the agile practices we have introduced at IP Labs, more or less during 2009 . Just to be clear: I'm not saying that we "became agile" in this period, but we did become more agile* . If you are in the vicinity of Bonn/Cologne around the weekend of 21-22th of August, I hope you'll drop by. Visiting the conference will set you back a whopping 5 €. * Tip o' the hat to Johannes  for this idea.

Living with Subversion and Git in parallel

This post is part of a series on Git and Subversion . To see all the related posts, screencasts and other resources, please click here .  About a month ago, I made my first attempt at introducing my team to  Distributed VCS with Git . We agreed that the cost of switching away from Subversion was not a hit we would want to take right now, but we continued experimenting with Git (and Mercurial) migration on the sideline. Waiting a bit longer can't hurt, as  Git continuously gets more support in both  Windows  and  Eclipse . In the mean time, I wanted to learn git properly, and also get a good grasp of git-svn . We will have to live with Subversion until I can convince everyone of two things git can do the atleast all things svn can do better than svn transition will not be too expensive (technical issues, training, people-friction) So, I started using git as my tool for working with our Subversion repository. I quickly got into the " porcelain " of git and git-svn,