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Microsoft ups their Git efforts another notch

This week Microsoft  announced first class Git support embedded in the coming version of Visual Studio . Now, it's not completely shocking. We could have seen it coming since Microsoft started offering  Git repos on CodePlex , and more recently offering a Git client for TFS . In any case, these are some big news.  Scott Hanselman weighs on some features and some more background here . For those who are a bit unaware of what the Git situation on Windows looks like these days, I've dotted down these notes: Some explanation on these: msysGit has long been The Way to use Git on Windows. It's basically a port of Git itself, so it's a command-line tool. GitExtensions (includes Visual Studio integration), TortoiseGit, Git Shell, posh-git and most other tools are powered by msysGit. libgit2 is a native library for doing Git stuff. It is developed completely separate from Git itself. The above tools could (and should) probably use libgit2 instead of hooking onto a