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The Foolproof Git Setup

A confused Git user. There was a recent complaint on Git User mailing list . Quote: Why do I have to be a source control engineer just to be a software developer? Now, the main issue of this poor person is that his organization has failed to on-board him into his job. They told him to use Git, but didn't give him the means to do so productively (as far as we know, anyway). What I started wondering was: Could his employer somehow have set up Git for him so that he could work with it just as easily as with Subversion? Given a prepared .gitconfig with all the aliases and configurations that you wanted, could you really dumb down Git so much that it would be analogous to the simpleness of SVN? Well, here's my take on it: To a certain degree: yes. If you could narrow down Git to do the most typical two SVN commands: update (pull without merging), and commit (with push) .. that would help a lot. Dumbing down pull The first step would be to make git pull as stup

My résumé in git log

I was helping a friend shape up his CV/résumé recently. Along the way I thought it would be cool to maybe have a bit more original format than the traditional paper, so I tried it out on mine just for fun: $ git log career commit 6f554814186594113ce2060aed3e4240b7fb852e Author: Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <tfnico@***.com> Date:   Mon Jul 01 11:01:59 2011 +0200     Software developer at Viaboxx Systems commit 1478c77d52fe41ba855fa2181527a7deea480e58 Author: Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <tfnico@***.com> Date:   Tue Jan 3 10:03:18 2009 +0200     Senior software developer at IP Labs GmbH/FujiFilm Group     - Introduced a range of agile practices, like weekly iterations,        standup-meetings and continuous integration and deployment.      - Lead the first Scrum project, integrating services with FujiFilm        partners across the Atlantic and in Asia. commit 23265936762d4ccaab8c8c0e4ff088650b4a63e2 Author: Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <tfnico@***.com> Date: