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Projects are bad for software.

This post is mildly inspired by the discussions from this year's Smidig conference (Oslo's agile conference) inspired by Marcus Ahnve's talk about "totality outside the project" , roughly translated. I didn't see the talk myself (looking at it right now though), but when I heard the announcement of the title of the open space, I immediately recognized the idea as something that I've been lingering around for years, without being able to identify properly. In my last post , I wrote about how I learned about project management in uni, and how it is the way for building software. In my own opinion, that is not true at all. Over the handful of years I've been working with software, both in project and maintenance mode, I can just about sum it up in one sentence: Projects are bad for software. There is one exception (discussed below), but in all practical cases, I find this to be the reality, and if you think about it a little bit, I'm sure you'l