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A gave me some input on how to disposition the thesis State of art. Describe the existing systems. Theory. I've found an increasing amount of WCMS (as you can see on my links), and a lot of these are based on open source, particularly php, but I believe java will soon catch up ( ). Also note in the discussion between KM and CM, the CMS fall into categories like Groupware, e-Learning, Portals and Wiki. These are classical KM IT-tools, but still the KM protectors have a belief that CM is nothing but the treatment of data and information. Au contraire (*sp), but we've found our own word for that: Content Repository, and about everyone who are dealing with CMS these days are very excited about the coming Content Repository standards and implementations, either you're talking about WedDAV or Jackrabbit. Also bring in discussion on the work of others on the subject. Write down summaries of the articles and books I re

Thoughts about WCMS

Originally, my problem defintion was something like: The development and analysis of a knowledge management system. Now it turns out that what we are producing at P is purerly a web content management system (WCMS). This might sound rather dull and unsophisticated, but it is important to note that "P Portal" is a general , but customizable WCMS. I will try to elaborate on these two terms: A WCMS is often developed inside the organization for use in that organization only, and it satisfies the organizations need for web content. An example is a small business hiring a web-designer that makes a small website, where news can be added on the front page with the help of a simple form. Another example is a larger corporation hiring in CMS consultants to produce a WCMS which is seamed into the existing CMS (also known as ECM-system). A general WCMS is what is often referred to as a (W)CMS package, something you buy, install and start using the way it is off the self - out of the b

First task definition

Task definition for T Development and analysis of a Knowledge Management System. The case of research is the software produced by a company called P. The thesis will consist of an analysis and development of a knowledge management system, P Portal . The solution should be possible to re-use in several different organisations. P Portal is a publication tool developed in Java 2 Enterprise Edition through design and programming of Servlets and JSP-pages. The solution should be module-based around a central core so that different modules can be added at choice to expand the functionality of the portal. The thesis will describe the process of development of the portal and the different modules. Documentation will be included on how the solution effects the targeted organisations as a knowledge management system. P is an established company with several large customers using version 2.0 of it's software for their online portals. T's task wil consist of developing new and improved fu

Aliases used in this blog

To anonymize and ease the content of this blog, following abbreviations are used: T - Me (Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen, no secret :) ) A - My master advisor P - The company where my master thesis has been externalized S - The external advisor at the company U - The university I'm studying at