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Shameless company promotion!

To all you Oslo-based readers, students at ifi in particular: Objectware is gonna participate with a talk on ! And not just any one of them either, but Totto 'imself (president of JavaBin, JavaZone Scandinavia's only Java Champion - in other words, the biggest Java-celeb in these snowy parts of the world). If you are interested in Java, or system development in general, I highly recommend you catch that talk! Øyvind Bø Syrstad (buddy and colleague) will also participate in the talk. Dagen@ifi is on 26th of October, and takes place at the University of Oslo's Institute of Informatics. I don't have the opportunity to participate on the earlier happenings, but will arrive later in the evening to share a great deal of red wine with the rest of last year's Dagen-crew ;)