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New job

In the end of June, I left IP Labs to work as a developer at Viaboxx Systems . I had a great time at IP Labs, and learned a lot there, but it was time to try something different. Viaboxx is a small company, much like a startup (although a bit more established). It's a small team of excellent professionals, and they are agile to the very core, much to my liking. I'm learning a lot: Groovy, Grails, with options of doing JavaScript and even some native platform dev in the future. But my favorite part is that I get to work on a whole product. From the user experience in the front-end, through software to the hardware components, the whole team is responsible for making it as good as can be. And just to mention a couple of perks: Waiting for me on my first day was a brand new top-o-the-line 27" iMac. We've got 20% innovation time (FedEx days). We work in a villa. We cook and eat together every day. And the company is sending me up to Oslo for the JavaZone X conferenc

Speaking at JavaZone 2011

Some weeks back I got word that my Git-SVN talk got accepted for JavaZone ! Last time I attended JavaZone was in 2008, where I did my talk on Web Testing (video available). Since then I've moved to Germany, and haven't really had the chance to attend the conference. However, I've heard its kept getting bigger and better every year, and I have no doubt this is the best Java conference in the world. So I'm really looking forward to coming back there, meeting a lot of old friends, and learning a whole lot of new stuff. This year marks JavaZone's 10th anniversary, and as usual their marketing is hilarious: So, see you in Oslo, early morning Wednesday the 7th of September!