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Looking for work in Bonn (update: fixed)

Update: I was in Bonn doing an interview on Friday, and the outcome is more or less decided: I've found my new employer. Thanks for all the input and pointers! Note that I've removed links to some documents with some sensitive information. For those of you who don't already know: In about two months I'm moving from Oslo, Norway to Bonn, Germany. I am currently looking for work down there, and that's what this post is about. Here is the information any potential employer should be interested in: Elevator pitch: Norwegian MSc graduate from the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics. Four years of working experience with Java, consulting, agile methods, product development and open-source . I'll be ready to begin working on the 5th of January, 2009. I will be staying indefinitely. My résumé I will be visiting Bonn a couple of times in the following months, and it will be possible to meet me for interviews in Bonn on these dates: 7-10th of November 27th of No

What I'm doing these days

I'm quite busy these days doing preperations for *a big change in my life* that will be the subject of my next blog-post , but I figured I'd give a quick status update that's a bit too big for my twitter stream . I was recently appointed to lead Objectware's Java-department's focus group on Agile . We've been doing agile for a long while on the company level, but it's first now that our department has its own group on it. My goal is to nurture it to being a very active micro-community that will produce knowledge both internally and externally. Much like we already did, but now with more, well, budget :) Our first accomplishment was to attend the Smidig 2008 conference with a respectable amount of Objectware speakers . There were alot of interesting discussions going on in the succeeding open spaces, my favourite topics incuded some hard-core web-testing (of course), when (not to) re-use and some others I can't remember right now. As part of my new

Debate about Open Source in Oslo next wednesday

Just a quick note. The alumni organization from my old university is arranging a meetup/debate about open source, and I'd promise I'd help communicate the event. The tine-up looks very promising: Heidi Arnesen Austlid, Friprogsenteret Per Hove, Oracle Norge Shahzad Rana, Questpoint Johannes Brodwall, Steria The event will be held in The Scotsman, where they sell beer! And there will be free pizza! Doesn't get any better than that :) I took the opportunity of uploading the full invitation here . So, set aside next wednesday evening and I'll see you there!

My JavaZone video is out

I was very happy when my JavaZone talk about " How I learned to love and hate web-testing " managed to fill up a whole room. For those of you you who didn't get in, or didn't manage to get a hold of one of the very rare overflow-headsets, or were busy at one of the other talks, here's the recorded video for your viewing pleasure: All hail web-testing! Click the image to get to the talk, hit the little Presentation link at the top and off you go. For the best viewing please, and this goes for all the JavaZone videos, I recommend the following: 1) Click the Max Slide button to get the slides in a seperate window 2) Right click the video for the flash menu 3) Click Zoom in, so you get a bigger video (click and drag if the focus is wrong) On a cool note, after the first count (yesterday), my video was the 7-most viewed video (of a total of 86 videos). Woohoo! But I'm likely to drop once people start realizing that All the videos from JavaZone 2008 are available o