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My terminal/shell

Just a quick post about what my terminal looks like these days.

Some things I value in my terminal:

Good looking/easy on the eyes (using color-theme solarized) Being able to bootstrap my setup fairly quickly on new machinesPortable setup between OSX/iterm2 (at work) and Ubuntu Terminal (at home)Good git support
I strap the boot by cloning my prefs (collection of my environment/config files) into my home-dir (I still have to manually install zsh at some point):
git clone git://
And then "deploy" the config files into my environment:
cd prefs ./
Now I could've probably used puppet for boostrapping this on new machines, but so far I've managed with just a little that copies the files into the right places, and a that copies them back into my prefs dir after I have played around with making changes locally.

I use zsh, assisted heavily by the oh-my-zsh configuration, instead of regular bash. Reasons are: …