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How Silos Grow

In my previous post, I suggested several topics to blog about, based on my experiences of 2017. How Silos Grow was the topic most asked for:
This was my initial shock after joining the company. Only a few years after taking off as a startup, the hedges began growing, seemingly almost by themselves, and against the will of the founders.
I've worked in silos, and in companies without them, but I haven't been there to witness them coming into existence before. It is a fascinating phenomenon, yet oh, so common. And a killer of great companies. This posts digs into why and how silos happen. It's a bit of a long one, so here's the TL;DR:
It is about human nature.Departments are a good thing (for some things).People in different departments are inherently different.The project method is still problematic (and reinforces the silos).Cross-departmental teams should be the first-class organizational unit instead. Although the idea to write this came from my first year at eyeo, thi…