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Retiring from the Bonn Agile Meetup

Yesterday I organized my final meetup . Back in February 2011, I invited to the first meetup , back then under the "XP" banner, renaming to be Bonn Agile a few months later. So, wow, that makes it nearly 5 years, or 50 meetups after a rough count. Most of these meetups were not organized by me though. I want to use this post for thanking the people who were around in the begining, co-organizing or just giving great feedback on how to get the meetup rolling. I'm sure I'm forgetting some names, but +Patrick Cornelißen ,  +Kurt Häusler ,   +Frederic Hemberger , +Christoph Pater  and +Jan Ehrhardt   took their share of the load back then until they moved from Bonn to other places. +Simon Tiffert  and +Matthias Lübken  provided valuable advice when starting up. As companies go, +tarent solutions GmbH ,  +doo  and, most of all  +Data in Transit GmbH  (big thanks to +Jutta Horstmann !) have been supporting the meetup since the very beginning, with +Viaboxx  (my empl