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My excuse for not blogging the last month

Recent activities eating away blog-activity include mostly JAFS - our annual internal weekend getaway. JAFS essentially means hauling our ~40 Java-programming colleagues off to a desolate hotel for a weekend, doing not so much else than having fun programming (and shooting some paintball). The concept of the weekend's tasks are based on the following: Divide the gang into 5 groups Present some technologies that are core , meaning everyone of us should know by heart (for instance Spring and Maven) Present some new technologies that are hot , and might come in handy in the near future (for instance JRuby and OpenESB) Do some cool programming competition that makes use of above technologies These points demand a mass of preperations. We've been 5 people spending evenings and weekends planning the event for the last month. First we spent a whole load of time settling on which tehcnologies to focus on. See we've got four different camps of technology groups in Objectware, each o