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Git+SVN at the Java User Group in Essen (ruhrjug)

Update: There's now a Xing signup for the event:

I will be heading up to Essen next month to present Git+SVN at the ruhrjug event. The arrangers (Infaktum) are also behind GearConf, where I presented on the same topic last year.

The event takes place on 14th of April, and starts at 18:00 in the Glaspavillon Campus Essen:

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If you want to know the tricks of living with Git and Subversion in parallel, be there!

I'll be showing off all the steps, from getting started with git-svn, through the obligatory Git-Subversion mirror, to the final-migration-away-from-SVN. Hopefully there'll be time for showing off stuff I didn't get to at GearConf, as well as some good discussion.

Oh, by the way, if you've got any reference cases where you are also using git-svn, I would love to hear about it. I recently noticed that Gnu Cash are using it, and it would make me happy to hear if others have h…

The Dream of a Bi-directional Git-SVN mirror

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I just got an email asking me how one can set up a bi-directional Git-SVN mirror. It ended up being quite a long answer, so I'll post it here for the benefit of other Git-SVN readers with the same idea.

As you may know, I'm a proponent of my own Git-SVN setup.

I remember trying to go down the path of a bi-directional repository, but always ran into problems. Here is how it could work:

However nice this would be to have, it can be very hard to achieve in practice:

Git-svn requires working in a non-bare repository, so pushing to it is by default refused. You can work around this by doing this in the target sync repo:

git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore

You also have to automatically perform a git reset --hard in the syncing repo after each push (by some git hook?), because the work-dir is considered dirty when it is out of sync with the r…