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Presenting Git for Windows again

A couple of years back I did a talk for the local .Net user group on how to use Git on Windows . I also wrote about my Git setup on Windows . Even though I don't do a lot of work in this environment, I figured I could contribute a lot of good tips and experience as a somewhat seasoned Git user. Since then a few things have happened, so next week I'm heading back to Bonn-to-Code.Net  to refresh their memories on what Git is about, and what has changed since last time. Update: Talk done. Recording and slides can be found here . So what has changed since last time then? Microsoft has fully adopted Git as their (second) version control system of choice. Git projects can be hosted inTeam Foundation Server, as well as on  (which is kind of like TFS in the cloud). You can operate Git repositories from within Visual Studio (without installing any extra Git tooling, thanks to libgit2). On the desktop, you can and should still install MsysGit if you'r