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Sharing the knowledge

This post is going to a bit about what I've been doing lately. Well, like any other developer I've been mostly busy with getting the projects released before the big July. But I've also been past-timing a bit on setting up a new wiki.

Yay, I don't have to be the wiki techie any more!

It's been well over a year since I started managing Objectware's Confluence installation. As expected, it was very little work. Confluence basically runs itself once it's set up. Mostly it was upgrading, administering content (deleting and cleaning), doing the odd restart or log-watching. Eventually, after a year or so, the hosting of the wiki was outsourced to a nearby hosting company, cause our instance's database was starting to run a bit slow, and my billing rates were a bit high (hey, I'm a consultant, after all) :)

So good riddance, finally no more booring IT-support work.

Or do I...

Well, not until two months later, anyway. I was asked by a colleague, who's a cor…