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2nd day at GearConf

I was gonna post this Friday evening, but I got knocked out by a cold over the weekend. Anyhow, here's Friday's highlights from GearConf the way I remember it: Stephan Hochdörfer did a talk on building software using generators and DSLs. The message didn't quite reach me, but the idea of generative programming was interesting enough. Some concrete examples and demos would have helped. Afterwards, Martin Geisler presented  Mercurial's Query Language (PDF link)  - which was a really impressive array of features. As is obvious of this blog , I lean towards Git as a favorite SCM, but through this talk I feel I really *got* Mercurial. With bookmarks and queues , it's basically has the same firepower as Git. The only aber aber about Mercurial I find to be the GPL licensing. I reckon this will make it trickier for 3rd parties to implement tool support (example: FogBug's Kiln uses Mercurial ). Onwards to a double talk with Hans Dockter , the Gradle chief. Thi

Git-SVN talk at GearConf 2011 done!

So, just a quick post to announce that I did my Git+SVN talk today at GearConf . I feel that the talk went pretty well. There were only 45 minutes at hand, so I focused on setting up a Git-SVN mirror with branches and tags . I also set up Jenkins to drive the git svn fetch+git push in the fetching repo, and in the end put the bare repo on GitHub (for full buzzword compliance). If you attended the talk, I would really appreciate to hear any kind of feedback! Either comment here, or rate my talk at . Otherwise, 1st day of the conference was great! I got an introduction to Chef from Martin Eigenbrodt , heard an eloquent Maven rant from  Halil-Cem Gürsoy , and  Michael Leibfried talked about how to introduce Scrum in hostile environments. All really interesting talks. Also speaking in the revision control department was Stefan Lay presenting the awesome upcoming EGit 1.0 release , and Martin Geisler , a fellow Scandinavian, presented Mercurial, where he's o

English Talks from the ROOTS 2011 Conference

Great news! The recordings from the recent ROOTS conference are now available online! Apart from the keynote speakers (including Jurgen Appelo and Dan North), there were a myriad of more local speakers doing lightning talks. Now, in spite of speaker "quality" on average being a bit below the keynote-level, I find these lightning talks are particularly refreshing. There something very real, and honest about them. Most of them are just regular developers sharing their good and bad experiences from  stuff they've tried out. Unfortunately, it's a right mix of Norwegian and English talks, and the good ROOTS folks haven't done any particular tagging in regards to language. I therefore had a quick skim through all the talks noting down which ones are English. Here they are: Keynotes: Patterns of Effective Delivery - Dan North The 7 Duties of Great Software Professionals - Jurgen Appelo Lightning talks (in the order I found them on vimeo): Too busy sharpening t