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Meeting with A

Met my student guide/councellor today. She went pretty easy on the fact that I haven't done much the last two months. Deadline for a new version of the essay will be 20th of December. Improvements will be adding some more content according to the new outline (suggestion for solution and comparison of solutions). Also adding some more to the problem description. After that, I might be able to use the essay as a chapter or two in the final thesis. Going to Germany from the 12th-19th of December. Will bring the Boiko-book along for inspiration. Will do the work there. I shall also produce and workplan for the final semester. Was just confirmed by the institute that all thesi for the class of '01 must be done by 1st of May, 2006!

Decision support tool

I will have to choose some sort of formal process for comparing information systems (more specifically, CMS-es). The only real one I've encountered so far is the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), as mentioned in on of the earlier article reviews. It seems a bit heavy, but there are alot of factors inside that I like, and it is also good for comparing few systems (pair-wise), so I can use that as an excuse for comparing fewer systems ;) Some googling showed that there are lots of research which have been done with the aid of AHP. There are also many other frameworks or methods (decision support tools) that can be used which I might have to take a look at before settling with AHP. I also have to choose what I want to compare. Let's say I have to pick four CMS'es. Needless to say, these would have to be of the same level, not some enterprise big thingie, but rather a couple of open source ones and a couple of proprietary smaller ones. I allready have one proprietary (Prim

Getting back in shape

After a hard month of preperations for Dagen@ifi , I'm now back in full writing the thesis (well, almost full). Where I last left off was reviewing a number of articles I read. Since then I have read several articles and a book on Information Infrastructures . They are somewhat related to my thesis, as a Content Management System is one of the larger IT-tools which are part of a corporate infrastructure. So, first step to get back on track is to see what I have got so far : Written some 5000 words in this blog (mostly useless babble) Written an essay of 4000 words (which I will remove from this blog and put in a seperate document ) Written a new outline for re-writing the essay (perhaps turning it more into a thesis of sort) I have, however, not been completely idle in this November. I have tried out Magnolia customization, turning the CMS into a webshop (or rather adding a module for a webshop). Of course as with any implementation, it was really simple - after I had com