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Wrapping Scrum in Evolutionary method(s)

The best grade I ever achieved in college (apart from English) was of all things in the subject of statistics . It wasn't particularly fun or fascinating for me. It was just easy, the rules were straight and the formulas were logical (well, I kinda dropped off when we reached quantum statistics, but luckily that wasn't within the curriculum). The reason I mention it it that I just came back from this 3-hour presentation about Evo Project Management , signed Tom Gilb and Junior (Kai Gilb ) . In short, Evo is an agile method focused on measurements. They have a lot of other sound agile practices in there, but that's the main thing ringing in my head after the presentation: They use measurements to aid them in prioritizing the backlog. Now Tom's been around the Oslo agile scene for quite a while, he did a presentation in XP - meetup a year ago. I also saw him around on the Smidig 2007 conference , doing an open-space on agile estimation or something.. Didn't atte