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More git-svn Woes

I was pretty happy with myself after I figured out to always use git-svn with the --prefix configuration . However, as  +Johan Herland   foretold , this stopped working after Git Or to be precise, the convenient branch checkout/tracking mechanism stopped working. So while you could do this before (imagine a fresh git-svn clone with --prefix=mirror/ ): >git branch -a                                         * master   remotes/mirror/trunk #this is a svn remote > git checkout trunk   Branch trunk set up to track remote branch trunk from mirror. Now, after upgrading Git past Git, you'll get this instead: > git checkout trunk error: pathspec 'trunk' did not match any file(s) known to git. Even if you try doing it more explicitly: >git checkout -tb trunk mirror/trunk fatal: Cannot setup tracking information; starting point 'mirror/trunk' is not a branch. Strangely enough, git branch earlier told us that this is a branch