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Fight For Your Infrastructure

The 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know book was recently released. Kevlin Henney has gathered together advice from a wide bunch of programmers, many of which are from the Norwegian developer scene, and a good few of which I consider old friends. They are even arranging a release party in Oslo next Monday at XP-meetup . So far, over 250 people have RSVP'ed to attend the event. Unfortunately, I didn't get my act together to write a submission for the book before after the deadline, but I submitted it anyhow , in case of any 2nd edition of the book. Anyhow, out of sheer jealously of all the attention the accepted submissions are receiving now, I figured I'd post mine here: Fight For Your Infrastructure It is in your role as a programmer to demand proper infrastructure from your organization, simply because nobody else will. If the organization does not provide it for you, you must explain them what you require, and dedicate as much of your own time as necessary until an a