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The domain

Note: Blogger is probably gonna mess up the styles in this post pretty bad, so forgive me if I re-post a couple o' times. View the original post if the feed item is garbled. I've figured I need to get rolling on the example/reference case for the Action Domain Object-talk. After some long and hard pondering I drifted away from the insurance domain and into something far more web 2'ish: an online community site. I'm gonna call it The Universe . It's pretty simple, facebook'ish application that includes Worlds, Groups, Rooms and People . Some cases: The Universe can crud (save, browse and delete) Worlds A World can crud Groups , Rooms and People A Group/Room can add/remove People (members) (or a Person can join/part Rooms and Groups) A Person can send messages to People or Rooms A Room is like a chat-room, as opposed to Group which is a more permanent organization of People These 6 different entities are my Action Domain Objects. It does have some complexing fea

The academical approach

Oops, seems I to published this post prematurely by hitting some Blogger keyboard shortcut. I've been sitting for some minutes trying to figure out how to approach the JavaZone talk mentioned in my previous blog-post. Note that I have already submitted an abstract to the comittee, and that I won't publish the abstract here in the blog. Now of course the abstract is pretty detailed on what the talk is going to be about, but I've still got some elbow room on how to "implement" the talk. I will use this blog as a tool to get my aim right on how to present the talk, what examples to include, what the slides should look like, and how to make it most straightforward and understandable for the audience. Now in lack of having done any presentations at a larger conference before, I'm gonna dig into what I learned at the University, which wasn't very much, but they did teach me how to write a research paper, a skill which I will adapt into creating my talk: The one

The Blog that died and came back to life

A good month since my previous post. Apologies to those who've patiently been waiting for my weekly post . I've been busy sneaking agile into a project , running , cycling , doing two projects simultaneously, doing a Maven workshop (was going to write about that, but was too beat at the time), maintaining a wiki , writing an abstract for JavaZone , and having a real life at the same time. In spite of having many things to do, things are going really great. The customer's project is really exciting, and I'm able to use some really modern, high quality frameworks, receiving experiences that I might be sharing at JavaZone this year. Anyhow, this post announces a blog-ressurection. I'm getting back into the weekly cycle, at least till the summer, starting tomorrow. The red thread throughout the posts will be pointing towards my proposed JavaZone talk (atleast until it gets rejected :P ). I'm gonna give an easy tease on what it's gonna be about: We've had Rub