Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Testing Writely

Update: Fixed Writeley typo :)

So there is this new nice online-editor for documents on Even though it's still pretty beta, it's still one of the nicest online wysiwyg-editors I've seen. I quickly noticed the feel of google/blogger of the Writely website, and of course there is some tight integration between these I guess. I'm now in the process of testing Writely's ability to publish directly into my blog. Yes, this post is written as a document on writeley :)

Revision: Did I mention that the revision feature is dead cool?

Reading up on about Writely, it seems like it's a small 3-4 person startup venture. I think we will see great things and interest in these parts until they're bought by some larger company (I'm guessing Google, just like Blogger was some years (?) ago).

Coming up in the near future: workplan for spring 2006, as well as first draft of thesis (old essay squeezed into new outline)!