Monday, January 16, 2006

Suggesting solutions

I need to come up with a couple of suggestions for a solution to the problem previously presented. The answer to the challenges of web content management is of course a web content management system. Some would prefer a portal, and there are many different opinions on whether a portal and a WCMS are two sides of the same coin. Personally I prefer to think of a portal as a web content management dialect, or maybe the portal is merely the content-delivery part of the WCMS. Will have to include a chapter on portals in the thesis, I think.

My plan in presenting different solutions is so that they can be compared next week. So let's jump into it and grab a couple of WCMS-es I can compare:

  • Magnolia (open source, uses JSR-170 standard)
  • Primetime Portal (proprietary, uses no standards beneath the web-front-end)

In the first round, these two will have to be sufficient. My timeline is simply too short to do a larger comparison. Anyway, both of these contain enough functionality to consider most aspects of content management, and I have lots of experiences with both.

I have already written a good piece on how Primetime is used. I am currently expanding the Magnolia chapter in the thesis. Next week I will have to read up on the AHP, and put the two CMS-es to the test.