Thursday, September 02, 2010

Speaking at GearConf 2010

After tirelessly blogging about how to work with Git and Subversion in parallel for some time now, I fired off an abstract to GearConf, as this looked like a subject that would be right up their alley (they had talks about Git and Mercurial last year). They accepted the talk a couple of days ago, so it looks like I'll be driving up to Düsseldorf on the 11-12. October.

Interestingly enough, GearConf is sharing the event with the Atlassian Software Conference Düsseldorf,. I've been up close and personal with their products before, so it'll be cool to see how far they've gotten since back in the day (when their products were already awesome).

For anyone in the area, the people behind GearConf are also arranging WebAppDays in Düsseldorf from 27-28. September. I would go there too, but I think I'm all out of conf-days for this year :)