Friday, August 06, 2010

Git and Subversion summary

This post is part of a series on Git and Subversion. To see all the related posts, screencasts and other resources, please click here

This post is part of a (slightly chaotic) series on Git + Subversion. Unfortunately, due to my problem with editing posts in Blogger, they've ended up a bit scattered and poorly organized. So here's a summary of the posts with more fitting titles:

  1. A big rough introduction to distributed source control and Git
  2. Why and how clone of a Subversion repo into a Git repo (aka SVN mirror)
  3. Sharing a Git SVN mirror in a team
  4. Sharing a Git SVN mirror in a team clarifications
So, if you just want to get into using Git, take a look at 1. If you want to port an existing Subversion repo, 2nd post is the thing. The 3rd and 4th are for those of you who need to stick with Subversion for a while longer. The illustration below illustrates an example workflow for the last case.

Ref GitFaq. Note that devs *might* have to run update-refs before running dcommit back to Subversion. All changes pushed to Subversion will come back to the other developers through pulling from the fetch repo.