Friday, October 07, 2005

Article review: Making Sense of the Organisation's Knowledge

Subtitle: Does Systematisation of the Knowledge Base have a Positive or Negative Effect on Organizational Culture?

The article starts off with a pretty stupid question. Of course, I would believe the answer most of the time is yes, and the conclusion of the article doesn't differ.

The article considers two sorts of KM/CM software: Workflow systems and CM systems. Funnily enough, XML CMSes is the exact term, and already it is shown how the author likes sticking his finger into irrelevant technical details (so what if the CMS is based on XML?).

However silly the purpose of the paper, there is a nice view on the value of workflow systems (cause process is knowledge too). All in all, this article says nothing else than "IT affects orgnizations! Wow! Even positively most of the time!" and is pretty worthless.