Sunday, September 02, 2012

Stop using GitX - use GitX (L) instead

I noticed the other day that the Git homepage presents the original GitX as a GUI alternative on OS X.'s GUI clients
However, development on GitX ceased three years ago, and while there is an interesting fork from Brotherbard (development has ceased there as well), the most active continuation takes place in the fork GitX (L). The wiki of the orginal GitX confirms this.

A fellow called Erik Blomqvist has put up which offers a more balanced view on the various forks. While there might be some value in the simplicity of the old GitX, three years is a long time in Git's development, and GitX is missing out on some newer Git features (like submodules).

Anyhow, there are still a number of pages out there that says GitX is still the way to go. People are even still submitting stuff in the bug-tracker, which is awfully pointless, of course.

Just keep this in mind next time someone asks you about a good Git GUI for Mac.