Monday, December 26, 2011

Git-SVN mirror product: SubGit

Just a quick mention for you people who can't be bothered with my somewhat intricate Git-SVN mirror setup, there now is a now is a solution packed into a product: SubGit.

I tried it out on a little local SVN repo recently, and it worked just fine. It delivered pretty much perfect two-way syncing/bi-directional mirror (which I've earlier deemed to be very impractical with git-svn).

The bad parts are:

  • It's new (use at your own risk, in other words: DO NOT install it in your main-line subversion repo used by a 100 devs).
  • It's closed source, so you're at the mercy of the SubGit devs for fixing any feature that you need in your special repository. 
  • It requires instrumentation on the Subversion repository installation. If the repository is beyond your control (hosted externally, or by some separate department), you're stuck with my old setup.
The good parts:
  • Super-sweet functionality! I mean, bi-directional Git/SVN is highly sought after.
  • Seems to have a pretty high *just-works* factor, easy setup.
  • It's still free (as long as they're in the EAP phase)