Sunday, July 24, 2011

New job

In the end of June, I left IP Labs to work as a developer at Viaboxx Systems. I had a great time at IP Labs, and learned a lot there, but it was time to try something different.

Viaboxx is a small company, much like a startup (although a bit more established). It's a small team of excellent professionals, and they are agile to the very core, much to my liking.

I'm learning a lot: Groovy, Grails, with options of doing JavaScript and even some native platform dev in the future. But my favorite part is that I get to work on a whole product. From the user experience in the front-end, through software to the hardware components, the whole team is responsible for making it as good as can be.

And just to mention a couple of perks: Waiting for me on my first day was a brand new top-o-the-line 27" iMac. We've got 20% innovation time (FedEx days). We work in a villa. We cook and eat together every day. And the company is sending me up to Oslo for the JavaZone X conference in September.

For more insight into what Viaboxx is about, have a look at our blog, where I'll probably be writing some entries in the near future.