Tuesday, June 07, 2011

English Talks from the ROOTS 2011 Conference

Great news! The recordings from the recent ROOTS conference are now available online!

Apart from the keynote speakers (including Jurgen Appelo and Dan North), there were a myriad of more local speakers doing lightning talks. Now, in spite of speaker "quality" on average being a bit below the keynote-level, I find these lightning talks are particularly refreshing. There something very real, and honest about them. Most of them are just regular developers sharing their good and bad experiences from  stuff they've tried out.

Unfortunately, it's a right mix of Norwegian and English talks, and the good ROOTS folks haven't done any particular tagging in regards to language.

I therefore had a quick skim through all the talks noting down which ones are English. Here they are:

Lightning talks (in the order I found them on vimeo):
If I left out any English talks, or if any of the ones above switch to Norwegian mid-talk, leave a comment and I'll update the list.