Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Google Guava taking over for Google Collections

Update: There's a full list of Google Guava resources on

I recently spent some time gathering documentation for our internal use of Google Collections. No more than a few days after quickly presenting Collections at work last week, Kevin Bourrillion announced Guava Release 05, urging all users of google-collect to replace it with Guava ASAP, and spread the news (so here we go).

If you don't know Guava or Google Collections, they're
basically a nice set of Java util classes that you always wanted.

I figured I'd have a look through the library's docs, and as I went along, I coded a few easy examples (mostly from the base package). The code is available as a Maven project on github, and I also made a presentation (PDF) with roughly the same examples, seen here:
Feel free to extend the examples by forking them on GitHub!