Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I'm doing these days

I'm quite busy these days doing preperations for *a big change in my life* that will be the subject of my next blog-post, but I figured I'd give a quick status update that's a bit too big for my twitter stream.

I was recently appointed to lead Objectware's Java-department's focus group on Agile. We've been doing agile for a long while on the company level, but it's first now that our department has its own group on it. My goal is to nurture it to being a very active micro-community that will produce knowledge both internally and externally. Much like we already did, but now with more, well, budget :)

Our first accomplishment was to attend the Smidig 2008 conference with a respectable amount of Objectware speakers. There were alot of interesting discussions going on in the succeeding open spaces, my favourite topics incuded some hard-core web-testing (of course), when (not to) re-use and some others I can't remember right now.

As part of my new responsibilities, I'm also trying to seed some content into the methodology part of our community wiki. Oh, and we also just had our first internal meeting with the interesting title of "Code monsters. How are they created and what can we do about them". I will be adding snips of the conclusions to the wiki as we go along.