Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My JavaZone video is out

I was very happy when my JavaZone talk about "How I learned to love and hate web-testing" managed to fill up a whole room. For those of you you who didn't get in, or didn't manage to get a hold of one of the very rare overflow-headsets, or were busy at one of the other talks, here's the recorded video for your viewing pleasure:

All hail web-testing! Click the image to get to the talk, hit the little Presentation link at the top and off you go.

For the best viewing please, and this goes for all the JavaZone videos, I recommend the following:

1) Click the Max Slide button to get the slides in a seperate window
2) Right click the video for the flash menu
3) Click Zoom in, so you get a bigger video (click and drag if the focus is wrong)

On a cool note, after the first count (yesterday), my video was the 7-most viewed video (of a total of 86 videos). Woohoo! But I'm likely to drop once people start realizing that All the videos from JavaZone 2008 are available online! Now, go watch!