Friday, January 19, 2007

CMS on Ruby on Rails!

I've managed to get involved with the local Oslo Interactive Ruby-community (IRB) (citycita group here). I've been to a good handful of Ruby-presentations the last year (JavaZone, XP-meetup, as well as IRB and JavaBin), and I still haven't gotten around to really fiddle with Ruby *shame*.

Anyhow, yesterday I was at another Ruby meetup, and as these meetups are getting increasingly more popular, I told Marius I'd ask around to see if we could use our office for the next meetup.

As you can see, the theme for the next meetup will be hacking on IRB's "CMS". It is currently running on a Wordpress-like engine called Mephisto, which is written in Ruby of course.

I've always been a big proponent of using blog-engines as your CMS since you probably don't need much else than what today's blog can deliver, so this will be an interesting opportunity to prove that point. It will also be interesting to see whether I'll have any idea about what the guys are actually coding, which should be possible given Ruby's rumoured learnability (otherwise I'll just sit there reading up on the basics).

Did you perhaps hear about the kid who learned Ruby and developed a fully-fledged CMS in two weeks? Can't find the url right now, but cleary RoR has potential.

Anyhow, sign up and RSVP on the citycita thingie. We've initially got room for 17 people, which should be enough as there were 12 people at the previous meetup.