Monday, March 13, 2006

Vegas, baby!

So I finally applied for a conference. My first (or actually my second - the first one was accepted last year for Dubai, but we bailed out :) ) will be IKE'06 in Las Vegas!

It's an 8 page paper about The Advantages of Using Open Source WCMS Utilizing Open Standards.

Now there are still a lot of thing that have to be settled before I can get there:

  • The draft has to be accepted
  • A has to "bless" the conference (didn't get any feedback from her before I sent the draft)
  • I have to get funding from the institute (which I've heard they don't do anymore)
  • I have to get funding from the research group
  • Write the final paper that can be published in the conference
  • Have to get tickets and lodging

I will of course be funding part of the trip myself (might throw in a week-long road trip before and after the conference), but come to that I'll demand that the flight and hotel-cost be covered by the university. We have a principle of free education in Norway, and I intend to follow it ;)

If it's not gonna be this conference, it will have to be one of those running later in the autumn 2006, perhaps as late as November.