Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Article review: Content, content, everywhere...

This piece by Steve Goodwin and Richard Vidgen is written in 2002 and proves to be a quite nice and quick introduction to the processes of WCM.

It seems the term WCM was hyped a bit more than today those years ago, but still these guys have a view of WCM pretty similar to mine.

After the very good intro, they produce a framework (more like the typical aspects of WCM, and which problems they sought to solve, like workflow and meta-data)
, then procede to elaborate a bit on a real WCMS-effort which failed to some extent (like all greate software projects do). Some nice focus on XML or RDF, interestingly enough with a focus on using UML to model the markup.

The article merely scraps the surface of WCM, but does it well in 8 pages.