Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Article review: A Fragment-Based Approach for Efficiently Creating Dynamic Web Content

The system described in this article takes it several steps further, using Java to dynamically generate web pages based on fragments of content. There is a focus on performance, utilizing cache and and graph algorithms (ODG) for conditionally rendering/re-building/publishing pages when fragments are changed. The templates are made with the ESI language (looks a bit like SSI). The major part of the article undertakes a series of benchmarks and statistics to evaluate performance, but also displays functionality for searching, evaluating incoming and outing hyperlinks, as well as other handy ODG analysis stuff.

This article is a bit too technical for me. There is of course a crucial need to research performance under GRUPA, and this article does a fine job of pressing the issue, but still it's not particularly within my scope. Will still reference it under the levels.