Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Getting back in shape

After a hard month of preperations for Dagen@ifi, I'm now back in full writing the thesis (well, almost full).

Where I last left off was reviewing a number of articles I read. Since then I have read several articles and a book on Information Infrastructures. They are somewhat related to my thesis, as a Content Management System is one of the larger IT-tools which are part of a corporate infrastructure.

So, first step to get back on track is to see what I have got so far:

  • Written some 5000 words in this blog (mostly useless babble)
  • Written an essay of 4000 words (which I will remove from this blog and put in a seperate document)
  • Written a new outline for re-writing the essay (perhaps turning it more into a thesis of sort)

I have, however, not been completely idle in this November. I have tried out Magnolia customization, turning the CMS into a webshop (or rather adding a module for a webshop). Of course as with any implementation, it was really simple - after I had completed it :)

Still I need to do some serious comparison of several systems, first and foremost OpenCMS, perhaps moving on to Plone, eXo or eZ.

I'm meeting A tomorrow. I really haven't been pulling my load lately. It's not a matter of inspiration (or lack thereof), but rather a priority/time problem. She has all the right to kick me out of the research group by now, but I'm hoping she will give me a second chance.