Wednesday, March 16, 2005

First task definition

Task definition for T

Development and analysis of a Knowledge Management System.

The case of research is the software produced by a company called P.

The thesis will consist of an analysis and development of a knowledge management system, P Portal . The solution should be possible to re-use in several different organisations.

P Portal is a publication tool developed in Java 2 Enterprise Edition through design and programming of Servlets and JSP-pages. The solution should be module-based around a central core so that different modules can be added at choice to expand the functionality of the portal.

The thesis will describe the process of development of the portal and the different modules. Documentation will be included on how the solution effects the targeted organisations as a knowledge management system.

P is an established company with several large customers using version 2.0 of it's software for their online portals. T's task wil consist of developing new and improved functionality for the 3.0 version.

The spesific tasks in P:

- Developing modules for
- User management
- Dynamic menus
- Editing and publishing
- File archives
- Picture archives
- Forum (bulletin board)
- Search engine
- News mail
- Surveys
- News agent
- Communication (back end to front end)
- Internationalization
- Analysis
- Documenting the development process and the system


  • 31st of March, 2005 - Alpha version (core functionality)
  • 31st of May, 2005 - Done testing Alpha version
  • 30th of November, 2005 - Analysis and development of extension modules
  • 31st of June, 2006 - Done writing thesis

The process and progress of the thesis will be overseeen by A.

S will be guiding T's internal development of the solution.