Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Google Guava Resources

Update: I've moved the list of Google Guava resources to This page won't be updated any more, but I'll leave it the way it was.

I recently blogged about the Guava Libraries taking over for Google Collections. I figured I'd add a few more pointers to documentation, as the Guava wiki seem to be a bit empty (feel free to copy in these links).

Update: More resources (I think if there are any more updates, I'll move this into an editable page on
A four part quite extensive tutorial from Sezin Karli:

Google Guava, the easy parts. A basic tutorial that recently surfaced on DZone:

Old entries:
A collection of short snippets (great mini reference for Google Collections):
Codemunchies' 4 part series on CG and Guava:
And yet another intro, from JayWay:
Creating a fluent interface, improving on GC (advanced):
And if you're curious about the whole rationale behind GC, you can watch the whole video from the creators (including comments from Josh Bloch, who created the java.util collections in the first place):
And of course, my own blog-post with some Guava examples:

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Google in any way. I just think these are some great libraries that every Java project should include in the classpath!