Monday, March 20, 2006

Requirements of a WCMS

I'm not really happy with the outline of the requirements I've put up so far, but as it goes when you're trying to improve your own writing, I've gone blind as to how I can improve it.

I've divided the requirements into 4 parts:

  • Content life cycle (how the content goes from draft to published, archived and deleted)
  • Management (administration, workflow)
  • Globalization (internationalization and localization)
  • Content delivery (templating, syndication, search, feedback from content consumers (as in comments))
  • Not extendability, but extensibility (modification, customization)

Don't really know how I ended up with those parts, but I think I started off with a long list of 10-15 smaller requirements, then tried to knot them together like that.

The last one is the most important one in my eyes. Regular readers might have noted some connection here in how the OS-compliance will pay off in higher extensibility. How? Well, I'll guess you have to read the paper when it's done in May

I'm gonna run through the requirements - first with Primetime Portal, then with Magnolia. Afterwards I'll compare how they performed under the various requirements. The extenisibility will be measured on how the WCMS was extended to webshop functionality.