Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Book review: Integrative Document and Content Management: Strategies for Exploiting Knowledge

Found an electronic version of this book. Just looked briefly through it, and it might prove to be a valuable source (because):

  • Large focus on web
  • The business context
  • Very nice and large part on engineering the requirements of the "IDCM"
  • Perhaps a bit too big-bang, integrating much more than just web (also e-mail, DM, the lot)
  • Chapter 18 focuses on the functional requirements of Web Content Management. A must read for me.
  • A huuuge chapter on assessment, choosing, contracting, implementing (vendor's) solution

I dare to copy the title of the books preface (for personal reference):

This book blends theory and practice to provide practical knowledge and guidelines
to enterprises wishing to understand the importance of managing documents along with
presenting document content to facilitate business planning and operations support. The
book introduces strategies for Integrative Document and Content Management (IDCM).

Asprey, Len. Integrative Document and Content Management: Strategies for Exploiting Knowledge.
Hershey, PA, USA: Idea Group Inc., 2003. p ix.

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